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Hi, I’m Caroline, an optimist, a crafter, teacher, learner and brains behind Carry Yarn Stitching.

I help people discover that crochet and knitting aren’t as complicated or as baffling as they may appear.

Many of my students haven’t crocheted since they were children and want a refresher. Some have had problems learning through books or magazines (hint – it’s not because you are stupid, you just learn differently), and others have been inspired by pictures of cushions, clothes and toys in magazines or online – crochet is hot fashion!

I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I was about 5 years old, and I was the only person to take a crochet hook to primary school. Here’s a quick shot of my first project:

Snakey - first knit project

As a trainee teacher (it was brief, before the twins came along), I became interested in learning styles, and I understand, for example, how some people can learn from books, other people by being told, and some people just need to be hands-on. I want to make crochet and knitting accessible for everyone, which I do through:

  • kits
  • group classes
  • talks and workshops
  • private, personalised lessons


In the 30 years since I made Snakey my skills have improved, so in my shop I stock a range of gifts, bags, jewellery and kits for crafters, all handmade with love and care. If you deserve to treat yourself take a look. (or if you want someone to treat you, leave the page open 😉

When I’m not crocheting, working here or playing with the kids, I’m probably watching Dr Who, playing computer games, running an active Craft Club in a local primary school, or teaching ICT skills to adults. I also bake great scones.

Now you know me, come along and introduce yourself… let’s chat!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarryYarnStitching

Twitter: @CarryYarnCaro

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