Almost finished Swing Coat #1

I’ve almost finished my first Girl’s Swing Coat.

I did encounter some problems when I made the front, and had to eyeball it. At the armhole shaping row the pattern says to skip 12 stitches to form the front, then continue to the other end to shape the armhole. This isn’t the same coat as the one in the schematic, and the poor girl would have a very cold chest! I ripped it out to the the armhole shaping row and rebuilt from there.

front of swing coat

close up of swing coat

I decreased for the armhole (without skipping stitches) and worked straight on the remaining stitches until the armhole measured 8cm. Then I skipped 12 stitches to shape the front breast, and began to decrease for the neck. When decreasing, I found it helpful to mark the last stitch on the row so I knew where the following decrease should be. In the picture above the decrease is too steep – it needs to be about half this angle. I found no need to work extra rows at the top to make the front the same length as the back.

crocheted coat

If this was a mis-print, I hope Inside Crochet release errata for this pattern. It’s turned out much better than I expected, and it will make a great cover up for chilly days when a cardi isn’t quite enough. (I bet we have a really hot summer!)

Now for coat #2…