Baby Crochet

There’s a rash of babies near me, so extra projects are suspended for about 2 weeks.

After managing to make a good start on my second Girl’s Swing Coat (the green one) last week, I’ve had to take a break.

My friend had a baby girl on Tuesday, so I’m finishing a baby blanket for her. When we went shopping, she picked a buttercup yellow-with-green-flecks baby/DK yarn, and it’s taken me a while to work out what pattern to use. I did begin one with clusters and V-stitches, but I think it’s too fussy with that yarn, so I am designing as I go. It’s plain, not too fussy, but I will add a border and maybe some ribbon. We’ll see how it looks. 🙂

baby blanket and booties

I did manage to make some pink booties. I’m not entirely happy with them, and I was worried they would be too small, but with the baby weighing in at about 6lb-something, I think they will be fine. I just need to drop them off tonight.

We’re going to have another baby in the family soon, so I will start another set. I have to say, I’m enjoying making the baby stuff. Blankets are easy and great for whizzing along when I watch rubbish on tv, booties are quick for almost-instant gratification, and hats for anyone are fun.