Carry Yarn crocheting with wire & a Reminder of LAST OCTOBER CLASS!

Last Friday 3 of us claimed the comfy seats upstairs in Starbucks, which turned out to be a great place to meet for a class. They did very well, and once we started making daisy brooches the pair soon overcame the ‘I’ll never be able to make one of those’-es, and we moved on to practise other stitches.

Last night I finished the necklace I’ve been working on recently. If you have been in Hobbycraft recently on a Thursday, you might have seen me working on it. Some people might say ‘wrestling with it’. This wire is 0.5mm thick, so it can be a bit of a pest to work with, but my wire skills have improved over the last few months and the reel stayed under control most of the time.

I’m pleased with the way this turned out. The circles are a little ‘rough’ and the slant of the stitches is dependent on which way up they have been joined, which seems to give the necklace a bit more ‘movement’. It’s now uploaded and ready for sale in my Folksy shop.

Next on my list: a big fluffy furry freeform scarf, just as the cold sets in. Brrr…

Don’t forget! I’m in Hobbycraft again this Thursday 20th October. I’m having a break from the wire and the cold, to make a sea of colourful flowers and dream I’m somewhere a little drier.

My next class is this Friday 21st October, so if you want to come along you should make sure you contact me on before Thursday lunchtime. You can find out more about my crochet classes here.