Finishing my Freeform Bag – happy days!

I have finally finished my raspberry bag.

With all the craft and arts fairs, teaching, and making commission pieces over Christmas, it’s taken me about 6 months, on and off. The technique of freeform crochet fascinates me. The bag is made up of various freeform ‘scrumbles’ which can be joined together to make a large item of clothing, bag, wall hanging, etc.

crochet freeform bag

When I was working on it in Hobbycraft one day, somebody came over and asked what I was doing. She was obviously crafty and as we chatted, she paid me the ultimate compliment in saying she loved all the textures and wanted to pat it!

I’m working on a freeform exhibition piece now. Sorry I can’t show anyone yet, but I’m looking forward to showing it off later this year, providing it goes as planned.

If you fancy trying freeform crochet look out for a group I’ll be running soon. Details will be in the newsletter, pop your email address down to hear about it as soon as everything is confirmed.