Crochet Histories

Do you remember this?

Next to a 6mm hook for scale

Nobody managed to correctly guess what it was (well, apart from K. who was already there!)

This antique is beautifully carved, I think from oak, although I could be wrong, in the shape of a parasol or umbrella. Lift off the handle, and you can see it’s hollowed out to protect the finest crochet hooks you can imagine. The hooks have their own lids to protect the delicate ends, and would be about the right size for crocheting with sewing thread. C. knows I’m fascinated by items like this, and brought it in when she came to the Squares workshop.


open case

She said the hooks and case belonged to her late mother-in-law, who inherited them from her own aunt. This lady was an accomplished lacemaker, who learnt to crochet as a child, trained as a milliner, made her own wedding items, and was eventually promoted to making fine wedding veils. Quite a career back then! C also told me that,

“during the war she made all her own net/lace curtains for her first home and I’d guess again she used those hooks”.

Here’s some of her work, probably made by the same crochet hooks in the case:

fine doiliefine doilie

The hooks and original case were amazing, the fine lace doilies, runners and veils were amazing on their own, but to hear about the woman herself, and the stories behind them, was absolutely inspirational.