Crochet is Fashionable (as if we didn’t know)

Newsflash! Crochet isn’t just granny squares!

Apparently it’s hot on the runway right now. Take a look here (Refinery29) for some inspiration for your next project, but beware the classic knit/crochet confusion.

It would be easy enough to make something similar to the ring and the necklace. The shoes are far beyond my current capabilities, and I don’t like the ‘crocheted’ knickers. I hope they aren’t made of scratchy acrylic. 🙁

The Daily Mail also ran a story yesterday about crochet. Apparently it was ‘developed in the 19th century’ as a means to replicate (bobbin?) lace. I wonder if it is possible to ‘develop’ a craft, rather than allowing it to evolve? Is it like developing photos, a website or a strange disease?  Anyway, the article shows some interesting crocheted dresses, a scarf and some jewelery. The first reply is from a thoughtful crocheter who warns against cheaper articles because of the possibility of child labour.

All in all, it seems crocheted accessories are going to be popular this season. There are no ground-breaking or particularly eye-catching designs in either article, but I’m hugely relieved my new stripey bag will be fashionable.

4 thoughts on “Crochet is Fashionable (as if we didn’t know)”

  1. Found you through Rav bloggers. Crochet accessories are definitely in. I noticed that in the second Twilight movie, there’s a girl wearing a crocheted vest that’s really cute.

    1. Hi Katie, I love playing ‘Spot the Crochet’ too! ‘Spot the Handknit’ is easier though, but if you like a challenge try ‘Spot the Handcrank Sewing Machine’.
      I find these games usually lead onto ‘Bore the Person Next to You’. 😀

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