Crochet News

I wish I had been in London for Kate Jenkins’ exhibition “Come Dine With Kate” which ran 2nd – 24th July. I didn’t know it was running, and I wasn’t there, but I’ve been laughing at crocheted pork pies on the gallery website. My cat would like the stargazy pie full of catnip, please.

Margaret Oomen gave Purlbee a tutorial for making crochet covered stones. I confess, at first I thought they looked like doilies wrapped around rocks, but they have grown on me, in particular her ‘Missing Pieces’ series shown on her blog, which are more intricate and incorporate tiny patchwork pieces of fabric. I like the fact that the covers are made using vintage hooks and threads, and the patterns are inspired by patterns in nature, such as the Fibbonachi sequence.  Margaret’s blog is Resurrection Fern and here is the Purlbee article.

There was further evidence that crochet is fashionable – Kate Hudson wore what looks like a freeform doily/bikini cover and Taylor Swift wore topshop crochet oxford shoes. More into accessories? This week The Crochet Dude unveiled the first of his monthly purse patterns, available to a limited number of subscribers.

Finally, the oddest item this week has to be the crocheted car cosy.