Toddlers coat from Inside Crochet 6

Woo! A real crochet mag in UK shops!

I took our 2 toddlers on an educational visit to the LYS (Local Yarn Store). We had great fun stroking yarn and talking about colours and textures, but their favourite was some of the new yarn with big bobbles every 5cm or so, in a really tangy tangerine. We explored a while, and when we left they were hugging their own massive balls of pink yarn, which they chose all by themselves.

This is the lower half of Tina Barrett’s ‘Girl’s Swing Coat’ from Inside Crochet 6 (Feb/March 2010). It’s working up pretty quickly, with a bumpy texture, and I’m pleased with it so far.

back of the coat

I started the coats before half term, but misread the pattern and ended up frogging the whole back while we were on holiday, however, a couple of nights of rubbish TV meant I was back where I started by the end of the weekend. It was really frustrating to come back and be no further along!

The sizing looks a bit out to my eye. I know my kids are small and skinny, but I stuck with the size on the pattern, so it should be loose enough to still fit them in the Autumn, and I swear I checked my tension, but it looks a funny shape. I’m currently halfway through one sleeve so I should have a better idea what it’s going to look like by the weekend. I hope it’s ok, I have another one to do.