SC trunk

Roll up! Crochet newspaper tree

crochet newspaper tree

This is a piece I made a few years ago for a contest on

I tore strips of newspaper and twisted them to make a rough yarn, but not really spun. I joined the ends by twisting them together as I worked, without using glue as I was worried the damp would weaken the paper. The trunk is worked in single crochet, with increases made by eye.

SC trunk

The branches are the exception to the ‘no glue’ rule. The base is florists wire, with several pieces twisted together to form thicker parts. I wrapped thinner strips of paper around the wire base, and secured them with a dab at glue on the ends.

This tree was great fun to make, and I’m pleased to say it won! Newspaper is a bit of a challenge, but I found that once you have the tension right it’s a straightforward medium, although you end up filthy with newsprint!