T-shirts to t-bag

After sorting out piles of clothes, I was left with a couple of bin gs full of clothes that don’t fit the kids or Mr Pointy. Some of them went to the charity shop round the corner, but I was still left with a lot of clothes that were stained or stretched. I must have a messy family. 🙂

When I get a huge pile of clothes it just doesn’t seem right to throw them or even recycle them because there’s still such a lot of usable stuff stuck to them, like buttons, zips, pretty fabric with sentimental meaning. If I’m feeling ruthless I can throw them in the recycling, but it’s more usual for me to stash/hide them until the guilt or their invisible eyes staring at me drives me mad and they end up being chucked out. One good days, I go scavaging and take out all the good bits and bobs like the buttons, and just stash those, which leaves me feeling much less guilty, and takes up less space.


When I started this bag a few weeks ago, I had done that but still had a pile of t-shirts. Lots of stretchy fabric, some stains, but still a waste to throw out. I grabbed my scissors and by the end of the morning I had lots of stretchy yarn, and I considered making a mat out of it. That didn’t sound very exciting, so I made the next best thing.

The bag should be large enough to hold a large book or sketch pad, a bottle of water and others bits and bobs. I think I’ll have to line it to prevent even more stretch, but fortunately I found some lovely cotton fabric lining a pair of toddler jackets. I’m not sure all the colours work, or if they are hideous together, but never mind. I’m the one who has to look at it the most, and it makes me smile because I’ve managed to be a little bit greener this month.