My beautiful Button and Thumbzilla

Whee! Finally finished them!

If you’ve been digging through my site, you’ll have seen  me ploughing through a pair of Swing Coats from UK crochet mag, Inside Crochet. Yes, it took me quite a while to finish them because I got sidetracked by shiny new things and yellow stuff, so much in fact that it was quite a push to finish them. Here they are, being enjoyed my my little sweeties on a lovely autumnal day. 🙂

finished coats (Just look at the length of those jeans! -tut)

We went on a special trip to buy the buttons, (and actually came out with a bit more than buttons, but that’s another story). When we got home, I laid out the finished coats and they put the buttons in the right order. That’s why the green one has a vertical row, while the pink has them set in a square, like the picture in the mag. They told me where to put them, so it can’t be wrong!

They chose the felt shapes they wanted putting on, which I made, and while they were at pre-school I sat down with both coats and stitched for miles and miles and miles! Well it wasn’t *that* bad really. I just had to hurry before they came home and tipped the buttons over the floor again.

Overall, I’m pleased with how they turned out. I had problems with the pattern and I had a few knitters read it, then drew out the instructions on paper, but I couldn’t get it to look right. The decreases for the front of the coats are in the wrong place and I think the picture differs from the schematic . To solve this, I decreased for the arm shaping but worked straight on the other side instead of making the decrease for the front. I made this about halfway up the armhole, but this could easily be changed for a higher neckline. You also need to be careful on the collar, where you’ll really need to use those stitch markers. I felt it was a bit short and added an extra row.

This isn’t a pattern I’ll be rushing to make again, but don’t let my experience put you off – it’s a good looking coat and very warm. The girls have decided they would like hearts and flowers sewn onto the *inside* of the coats, but I don’t see that happening until they can sew and do it themselves. 😀