World of Warcraft – a Tauren Hat, crochet style

Update: Did you see this featured on Wow Insider?

It’s been years since I made this, there’s no way I can claim it’s recent, but I wanted to share this project with you.

I made this hat for Mr Pointy 3 years ago, and first posted about it here. The story is a funny one.

I was searching for a Christmas present for him, but wanted to give him something really unusual and unique, made with love and preferably silly. At that time we were both playing World of Warcraft, and I thought a Tauren hat might be fun. I was pushed to finish before Christmas day and ended up having to make the horns in the evening with him there, so I told him I was making ‘gauntlets’. He gave me a confused look, but I didn’t elaborate. 😉

hat front

hat back showing mane

Here it is being modeled by Wizard. My, how he’s grown! Fortunately, he’s unlikely to be reading about his mum’s boring crochet.

My main (mane?) is a night elf, so to make this recognizable I had to carry out extensive research in game, and spent a few hours in Bloodhoof Village. To get there from the starting area I had to level up a bit… let’s just say that research, planning and sketching took a few hours.

It was a surprise gift, but I wanted to make sure it would fit. Not having a hat to use as a template, I decided to use cunning techniques to add stretch to the crochet fabric. I made a basic beanie hat, but used 2 strands together and worked into the back loop only. This really did give it stretch, and far more than i anticipated! For speed I used aran/chunky yarn.

I worked the horns in a conical shape beginning at the ends with a magic circle. I used fairly random increases until I had a suitable diameter. After stuffing them firmly with toy filling I found they were quite heavy, so I added some reinforcement by putting twisted florists wire through the middle or each and stuffing around that. That made them ‘perkier’, with the added benefit of being re-positionable. Great fun!

The other parts were simple enough – a cup shape for the muzzle and stripey pointed rectangles for ears. The hair was made from strands of very bulky yarn folded over and joined to the beanie using a lark’s head knot. The eyes, nostrils and mouth were embroidered on, and the nose-ring was another piece of florists wire covered in grey yarn.

It was fun to make but I felt a bit limited by my stash, and they aren’t the colours I would use now, because there isn’t enough contrast. I’m not happy with the nose-ring, which I think should have been a silver curtain ring. As you can see, the hat is very, very large. I think I went overkill on the stretch.

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with it, and Mr CarryYarn seems to like it. He wants me to make hooves next.