Next Steps Knitting Class

I love my job. I love combining my favourite things – meeting people, sharing knowledge and skills and talking about textiles. Today I met a librarian Mum, two brand new beginners (who looked terrified), regulars from the Tuesday afternoon craft group at Intact, and someone who previously came to one of my crochet classes (brilliant to see her again! Helloo!) The ‘Thrift Shop’ was on in the Church hall, and it had a small coffee area, so refreshments weren’t far away, luckily.

Despite it being called ‘Next Steps in Knitting’, and actually being an intermediate course, we were able to help brand new knitters. I decided to introduce a simple project, and use the class to get to know people and what they expected from it or wanted to make. We are making humbug-shaped owls with bright acrylic mixes, which means people have a blank canvas and can introduce their own pattern or just practise basic stitches.

It took a little while for one of our beginners to get the hang of it and we ended up having a friendly bet as to whether they could learn before lunch, but I am so proud of the progress made, as already her stitches are becoming more even and she handles the needles with confidence.

Learn to knit
Yay! Got it!

We discussed the difference between ‘yarn’ and ‘wool’, how to read stitches so you knit / purl in the right places when you are ribbing. It will be interesting to see what happens next week when we cast off (remind me to buy more stuffing) and finish the owls, I’m sure there will be a great variety of shapes and colours.

We also talked about a weird scratchy yarn bought on holiday, which is a lovely colour. I’m not sure I handled the question properly – if you know anything about me, you will know that if I can can get it round my hook or needles, I will crochet or knit with it, therefore yes, it can be made into something. However, what that something is may not be what you intended or desired. In this case I don’t see the scratchy fibre making a sumptuously soft scarf at all, for anyone, ever, but I could see it making interesting felted flowers or maybe boot cuffs.

After the class, some people left for home or work, whilst the rest of us had a look through the thrift shop, finding bargain fabric, yarn and needles,  before heading over to the Intact Centre for a quick lunch. The Arts and Crafts Group meets at 12.30 so there is just about time, especially with it being so informal. Today Sandra brought a selection of her wire, beads and macrame and gave an quick and fascinating demonstration of wire wrapping. The colours and designs were stunning and I would love to try when I have chance. Maybe next week….

beaded wire rings
Beaded wire rings