International Crochet – A guide to yarns and hook sizes

One of the major headaches when you learn to crochet is the confusion between US and UK terms. I have seen people on the verge of frogging their project because it just doesn’t look right, either curling too much, or turning out impossibly small / large!

So I got busy:

convert crochet

This cheatsheet handy reference guide is small enough to fold up and shove in your wallet with the rest of your cards, and there’s enough space to jot a few notes. Pull it out and you can magically translate hook sizes, yarn equivalents, and stitches, to the amazement of all your friends! If you want to share the excitement, hand out the other two at your next Stitch ‘n’ Bitch.  🙂

Click here to see the .pdf cheatsheet (it may need a reader, for example Adobe Acrobat). The document has 2 pages; print it out double-sided for maximum slickness. Share it nicely folks.

I hope this helps someone, if you find it useful, or need any help, please let me know in the comments.

Hook in harmony!