Update on the Class

I hope everyone had a great time, it was great to connect with people who share an interest and I would like to stay in touch and see photos of your finished blankets!

The first person to arrive brought in some beautiful hooks which belonged to her grandmother, which was lovely to see, because there is something special about heirloom hooks. They were very slim, just about fitting into their silver cases, including possibly the smallest hook size I have ever seen. We’re talking sewing-thread size.

It was a small group – just four of us in total – but very chatty and friendly, and the facilities at the Harris Museum and Art gallery were good and we were given a friendly welcome. Everyone left able to crochet, (probably off to buy the butter pies and Chorley cakes we talked about) and we had some great ‘freeform’ samples / creations, so I will call it a success!

If you would like to join in, find out about my next workshops by signing up to my email newsletter. I will be revealing details of my July classes in the next day or two.

Happy Stitching,